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NBA Bet Tips

Before we get to NBA bet tips, let's look at how easy it is to bet on your favorite NBA team are easy to make. With each NBA team playing 82 games during the regular season, betting lines are available daily starting in late November to May. And of course there are playoff games in May and the Finals in June!

Point spreads are used to handicap the favorites and underdogs for each NBA game. The favorite is indicated by the minus sign "-" and the underdog is indicated by the plus sign "+".

For example, the Los Angeles Lakers is listed as -5 against the Detroit Pistons +5. This means that the Lakers are favored to win by more than five points against the underdog Pistons.

Taking our example further, let's say you placed a bet on the Lakers and the final score reads Lakers 83; Pistons 82.

The Lakers may have won the game, but you have just lost your bet. Remember, the Lakers should win by more than five points for you to win the bet.

Let's say the final score is Lakers 87; Pistons 82. The Lakers win the game but your bet results in a tie. Again, the Lakers should win by more than five points for you to win the bet.

Let's say the final score is Lakers 90; Pistons 82. The Lakers win the game and congratulations! You have just won your point spread bet! Easy isn't it?

But wait a second, consider these NBA bet tips before placing your hard earned cash on your favorite NBA teams:


Injuries to key players may be the single most crucial factor in determining which NBA team to bet on. Let's look at our earlier example, Lakers -5 against Pistons +5.

Do you think the Lakers have a chance of winning by more than five points against the Pistons if, let's say, Kobe Bryant is injured and won't be able to play? What if Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum is out?

Or will the Lakers win by more than five points if Bryant has a sprained ankle and is just 50% of his normal self?

We know that Bryant, Gasol and Bynum are key players for the Lakers. But come to think of it, since basketball is a team game, everyone plays a key role.

A wise bettor should carefully look at the health of each team's players before making a bet.


Suspensions, just like injuries can vastly change the complexion of a game. Just look at that Lakers-Suns series. Many argued that the Suns would have won that 2007 playoff series had Amare Stoudamire been allowed to play in game five.

Stoudamire averaged 20.4 points per game during the entire 2007 season. Just imagine the impact of that many points in a point spread separated by just five points.

Scoring Average

Another effective way to gauge how a team will perform on a given night is the scoring average.

Let's say that the Lakers average 90 points a game, compared to the Pistons' 82 and the point spread is pegged at Lakers -5 against Pistons +5.

Obviously, the Lakers appear to be the solid bet since they average eight more points than the Pistons and you only need the Lakers to outscore the Pistons by six points to win the bet.

Also, look for players who play better against certain teams or marquee players who are shut down by certain teams. For example, players who have been traded away may tend to play better against their former teams. Or certain superstars may be defended well by certain teams.

Road Team / Home Team

Some NBA teams play poorly on the road, but are virtually unbeatable at home, or vise versa.

It's no secret that playing on home turf energizes the home team. Imagine thousands of screaming rooting for you. On the other hand, playing on the road can drain a team. Imagine thousands of fans booing and heckling.

The Utah Jazz during the 2006-2007 NBA Season won 31 of 41 games at home but only won 20 of 41 games on the road.

And the best NBA bet tip? Always do your research before placing a bet on your favorite NBA teams. Look at how they performed in previous games and how prepared are they for the coming game.

Have a fun and profitable time while betting on your favorite NBA teams!