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NFL Bet Tips

Before diving into NFL bet tips, let's see how easy it is to place a bet on your favorite NFL team. With 32 teams to choose from, each playing 16 regular season games, you'll never run out of games to bet on. Plus of course the playoffs and the Super Bowl!

NFL games are handicapped using point spreads. Favorites are marked with the minus sign "-" and the underdogs are marked with the plus sign "+".

For example, the Philadelphia Eagles are listed as -7 against the Washington Redskins +7. The Eagles are favored to win by more than seven points against the underdog Redskins.

Let's say you placed a bet on the Eagles and the final score reads Eagles 21; Redskins 19.

Though the Eagles won the game, you lost the bet. Remember, the Eagles should win by more than seven points for you to win the bet.

Let's say the final score is Eagles 26; Redskins 19. The Eagles won the game but your bet results in a tie. Again, the Eagles should win by more than seven points for you to win the bet.

Let's say the final score is Eagles 27; Redskins 19. The Eagles win the game and congratulations! You have just won your point spread bet!

When Betting on NFL teams, try to find match-ups that one team can exploit over another. This could be:

  • strong offensive line against a small D-line
  • a fast set of wideouts against a weak secondary
  • a bad coach against a great one

Looking for edges against the Vegas numbers mean looking for edges on the field that one team can take advantage of. Here are a couple of more NFL bet tips that you should consider before placing a bet on you favorite NFL teams.


The quarterback is perhaps the single most important offensive player on the field. It is the quarterback who orchestrates the offense and pretty much dictates the tempo of the game.

Some quarterbacks play well against certain teams. On the other hand, some teams play aggressive defense on certain quarterbacks. So be sure to look at how your favorite team's quarterback plays against the opposing team. Conversely, check how the opposing team defends against your quarterback.


It is said that football players have the shortest careers among all professional sports players. This may be due to the physical nature of the sport and the rigorous training needed to keep football athletes in top form.

Thru the course of the season, key players may go down with injuries and greatly affect the team's chances of winning. Be sure to take a look at your team's injury report before placing a bet. See if a key player is out with an injury and see if another player can fill in.


The weather can play a crucial role in the outcome of an NFL game, since the NFL season begins in late summer and runs through the winter. Certain teams adjust well on the changing weather. Other teams get thrown off their rhythm because of the weather.

Teams may score more points during the early part of the season, when the weather is good. But as the season progresses to the winter, point production may decrease. Teams may opt to play a slow, deliberate ground game during the winter months to minimize errors caused by poor weather conditions.

So be sure to check out the weather channel for this weekend's weather forecast before you place a bet.

Home Field

Nothing energizes a team more than the home crowd. On the other hand, nothing distracts a visiting team more than the home crowd.

Traded Player

Watch out for players who are playing against the team who traded them away. These players may have something to prove and play exceptionally well against their former teams.

And the best NFL bet tip? Always do your research before placing a bet on your favorite NFL teams. Look at how they performed in previous games and how prepared are they for the coming game.

Have a fun and profitable time while betting on your favorite NFL teams!