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Bet Tips

Race Bet Tips

Betting is at the heart of horse, harness and greyhound races. The thrill of winning a bet in races can make up for a number of disappointments in emotional if not financial terms!

Here are some race bet tips to keep you from getting broke.

Race bet tips to follow

  • Systematic wagering is possible under a pari-mutuel system, at a race track with professional stewardship. Choose the race tracks, or online race books, known for their reputation and image of fair play.

  • Track and horse specialization pays off, though it takes a lot of patience, effort and time. Study horses at the track, see how they perform and diligently review your race card.

  • You do not have to bet on every race; wait until you know that odds favor your pick.

Hazards to Avoid

  • Do not expect sustained windfalls, or look for short cuts. Stay away from illegal betting, and tracks which promote dangerous riding and outright cheating!

  • Spread betting may sound like fun, but it reduces the probabilities of winning dramatically. Jackpots and the like are uncommon in real life, but every race does have a winner.

  • Video screens are more for enjoying off-site horse racing, than for making money. Trackside insights matter. You are unlikely to win against punters at a distant site. But if you have mastered the art of picking a winning horse, betting online can save a trip to the track.

There is no shortage of theories and advice in the horse racing world. It helps to take all inputs in to consideration, provided that losses are kept within affordable limits so keep an account of your cumulative record.