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Before racing into NASCAR bet tips, let's look at how simple it is to bet on NASCAR races. Betting on NASCAR races simply involves picking the winner of a given race. Usually, sports books list the names of individual drivers at various odds.

For example:

Driver Odds
Jimmie Johnson 4-1
Jeff Gordon 15-1
Tony Stewart 100-1

If you place a $10 bet on Jimmie Johnson at 4-1 and he goes on to win the tournament, you win $40 plus your original $10 bet, for a total payout of $50.

If you place a $10 bet on Jeff Gordon at 15-1 and he wins the tournament, you win $150 plus your original $10 bet, for a total payout of $160.

Or if you place a $10 bet on Tony Stewart at 100-1 and he wins the tournament, you win $1,000 plus your original $10 bet, for a total payout of $1,010 dollars.

NASCAR betting is simple, isn't it? Here are some NASCAR bet tips to make your NASCAR betting experience more exciting and profitable.

The Driver

The driver can be considered as the single most important figure in races. After all, it is he who holds the wheel.

More than the driving skills, courage and determination, bettors should look at how physically fit a driver is. NASCAR races run for hundreds of laps in challenging conditions. Physically ill-prepared drivers may easily bog down, just like ill-prepared cars.

Crew Chief

The crew chief is like the coach of a NASCAR team. With each team having about 50 employees, the crew chief's main objective is to get all those guys together to work the long hours and convince them that the rewards will come with victories, poles and points. It's a lot of hours, but good crew chiefs motivate and lead the team.

More importantly, a crew chief guides the driver through pit stratagies and helps him to victory lane at the end of every race.

The Pit Crew

NASCAR is still a team sport, though the drivers almost always get the spotlight. The pit crew plays a crucial role in NASCAR racing with each race running for hundreds of laps. The pit crew sets up the car before each race. The pit crew keeps the car in competitive form during the race. And it's the pit crew who makes adjustments to the car for the next race.

There have been instances when a lose bolt during a crucial pit stop caused a driver to lose valuable seconds. A sloppy pit crew, failing to efficiently change a simple flat tire, can cause damage to the car's suspension and then force the driver to retire for the race.

On the other hand, efficient pit crews buy the driver time. A quick tire change or fuel stop can turn deficits into leads.


Rain? Sleet? Snow? Dry? Hot? Humid? Certain teams adapt to changing weather conditions better than other teams. And certain drivers fare better at certain weather conditions than other drivers.

So be sure to check out the weather channel for this weekend's weather forecast. Analyze how your favorite NASCAR team and driver fare on certain weather conditions before placing any bets.

And the best NASCAR bet tip? Always do your research before placing a bet on your favorite NASCAR teams or drivers. Look at how they performed in previous races and how prepared are they for the coming race weekend.

Have a fun and profitable time while betting on your favorite NASCAR teams!